November 5

Extraordinary Ohio

If you where to visit Ohio, here are three places that I recommend you to visit.

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The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium- I would recommend visiting the Columbus Zoo for the following reasons. One reason is that there are many animals to see. The zoo has over 9,000 animals according to “”. The zoo also has a waterpark right next to it, called Zoombezi Bay. The zoo also has an aquarium inside of it. The aquarium includes Manatees, Stingrays, and more!

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Cosi- I recommend you to visit Cosi if you visit Ohio. CosiĀ  is also located in Columbus, so you could visit it and the zoo in the same day or trip. I recommend Cosi because there’s so many things to do there. They have exhibits on things like the ocean, space, and energy. All the exhibits are very interactive to, so you can have fun and learn too.

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Kings Island- I recommend visiting Kings Island. Kings Island is located in Mason, Ohio. The park has 12 rollercoasters and many more rides. The park also has a water park that you could visit. There’s also many places to eat and get snacks in and around the park.



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