October 15

How to write a good comment!

The first step to writing a good comment is to compliment the writer. Say something you like about their blog or post. Don’t say something mean or rude about the authors work. They worked hard on their post. You could also add something constructive to it, like nicely stating something they could fix. After this you might want to add some facts to your comment, if you know something about the subject that the author didn’t write about and might not know. Next you should make a connection with the author. If you’ve had a similar experience or similar feelings on a subject say something about it! This could start a conversation between you and the author and you might learn something new about the author or the subject. You also might want to end your comment with a question. If you don’t know much about the subject or the author doesn’t talk about your question, don’t be afraid to ask them about it. The most important step is to proofread your comment, because once you post it you can’t change or edit it. One last thing I would like to add to this is how to comment and my comment guidelines. On my blog all you have to is click on a post and scroll to the bottom. There should be a box that says “leave a comment”. My guidelines for commenting are simple. As long as your comment is not rude or unnecessary I’m fine with it. If your comment is rude or unnecessary it will be deleted.

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      Thank you!I’ve been playing basketball for 2 years now. It’s fun to play but it takes a lot of effort and energy.


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